08th May 2013
Don't forget to vote for Me at www.theedawards.com

The Exotic Dancer Awards

From the moment I first ever went to an ED awards show and saw the features perform and one girl walk away with the EoTY award I said to Myself, " That is what I want. That is where I want to be someday. That is WHO I want to be someday."

27th Mar 2013
Okay, I lied. There are other things that sitting on your ass is good for... ;)
Big thanks to Monseiur Voyeur for this great photo from NAP!!!

Stressing Out!!! And Other Fun Activities…

Alright so I know that I have been slacking on the blogging. If I am being truly honest with Myself I have been slacking on more than just the blogging...

15th Mar 2013
It really is though...

Back From Savannah’s….

Nothing makes you feel like a star like seeing your face and name blown up to proportions that you can see from a mile away, literally.

23rd Feb 2013
Yay for being in bed!!!

Back From the Land of Ozz

I had a really great time in Philly thanks to Club Ozz and their staff.

11th Feb 2013
Just love Me already...

Call Me “Dorothy”…

Yes, this Valentine's Day ( or Singles Awareness Day, as some of Me and My friends like to refer to it) you should just call Me " Dorothy" because I am headed to Philadelphia to the the Club of Ozz!!!

08th Feb 2013
If you won't give Me sex for Valentine's Day, at least give Me candy... ( Thanks to Ira for this great photo!!)

The Wild Cherry Wrap Up!!!

I am BACK from My trip to Wild Cherry Cabaret in Huntsville, Alabama. Can I just tell you... I miss that club!!!! :(

29th Jan 2013
Prepare to get your face RAWKed off by THIS, Wild Cherry!!!

Wild Cherry and the Loss of LoveSimone.com

I would like to announce that I am now the proud owner of LoveSimoneXXX.com!!!! Welcome to My new site....

29th Jan 2013
Dirty Whores do it for the PLEASURE!!! ( Yes, I am squirting in My own mouth.)

Sex and Money

On January 12, 2013 by LoveSimone I was working last night and dancing on stage, when low and behold, look who is here! It’s the same guy who just last...

10th Jan 2013
Oh yeah... I definitely want MORE.....


” What is your dream? What do you want out of Life?” My answer? I want MORE.

08th Jan 2013
I am not actually a porn star, I just play a cum-covered slut in real life. ;)

Party Like a Porn Star

If you are into sex and the girls who love to do it on film, then you must know that next week is the week of the AVN ( Adult...


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